Vero Palm Estates
Vero Palm Estates
Moving into a new home or community can be exciting, but also confusing and
often frustrating. This includes moving furniture, updating insurance, getting new
driver’s licenses and tags, finding a doctor and dentist, locating local businesses,
and seeking out the many activities available in our community.

The Vero Palm Estates Homeowners Association is here to help. We offer a
Welcome Packet to our new residents which we can discuss with you in person, or
we can leave for your review and answer questions over the phone. It’s your

The COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately put limitations on our ability to visit new
residents. The HOA’s current Welcome Team, Lee and Diane Chestnut, will try to
begin again
soon to contact our new neighbors and introduce our community and
city to them.

We have lists of contacts, local and government information, businesses, Vero
Palm Estates events and activities, and a directory of your neighbors both here
and in Countryside. We will be contacting you soon. In addition, material from the
Welcome Packet will be posted on our website for anyone who may want to update
their local information.

We hope to see you soon!

Lee Chestnut
Director for Membership
and New Resident Welcome


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